It’s Fresh and it’s “The Season’s Best”
101 Market’s fresh homegrown produce is personally grown by Dave and Eric Nathe of Riverside Farms. They farm over 500 acres in vegetables with 35 years of experience. 101 Market is well-known for its super sweet bi-color corn, hearty potatoes and juicy tomatoes. The quantity and variety of produce available changes with the growing seasons. Let us supply you with produce for cooking and canning needs.

Quick Tips

Refrigerate fruits and vegetables in perforated plastic bags to help maintain moisture yet provide air flow. You can use a knife to make several small holes in a food-grade plastic bag (about 20 holes per medium-size bag). If fruits and vegetables are stored on the refrigerator shelves, be sure to store them above meats and poultry to avoid contamination. Fresh produce should be washed before you use it, not when you bring it home to ensure the best quality and to avoid spoilage.

Sizzling Summer